Medical Requirement Administration

One of the fundamentals of being a successful underwriter is collating all the relevant facts, classify and assessing the health risk of insurance clients. Health On-Line Medical Requirement Administration Services help to streamline the end-to-end process in this area with the objective to expedite time, maintain accuracy of data and mitigate risk for insurance companies.


APSs are required for most complex, higher mortality risk and high net worth cases. We at HOL streamline and automate the APS request-to-collation engagement process in a systematic approach by a team of dedicated coordinators.


HOL assist with all Medical Questionnaires by Proposed Insured by providing guidance and collation services to clients in completing the questionnaires and submitting to underwriters in an accurate and timely manner.


We assist in Claims verification with a diligent protocol and ensure that all claims medical reports are validated to expedite Claims procedures and minimize waiting periods for clients of insurance companies in times of need.

Core Value Proposition


Trained Coordination Team

We have a dedicated team of over 30 well trained Management, Supervisory and Coordinators who are committed to providing quality and diligent client engagement support to clients of insurance companies.


Document & Logistic Management

Our team of panel doctor and paramedic covering the nation has extensive experiences and are qualified registered practitioners with the Ministry of Health. We will constantly evaluate their services to ensure that clients are in good hands.

We also partnered with several major courier companies in Malaysia to ensure timely delivery of medical reports to our office for accuracy check before dispatching to underwriters for quick and accurate assessment of each proposal.


Established IT Network System

HOL is equipped with the latest technology, in-house developed Call Center and Client Relationship Management System (CRM) to ensure a systematic workflow with controls and efficient handling of client’s personal data.

ABOUT Health On-line

Health On-line is a leading provider of mobile and outsourcing healthcare services for the insurance and corporate markets. Founded in 1999, we provide a full range of medical risk evidence and healthcare services, including mobile medical examinations, APS and administrative outsourcing solutions for insurers and corporate clients.

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