Medical Appointment Coordination

The Medical Appointment Coordination Services is one of the most important Business Process Outsourcing services that help your business to harvest extensive savings in operating cost, time and improving customer satisfaction. At Health On-line, we have built a robust platform that combines expertise in resources, processes and technology, making our services trust-worthy and unique.

Individual & Corporate Client

Our team are well trained Coordinators who handle personalized appointment schedules, seamless follow-ups and collation of medical reports for individuals and corporate clients

Paramedical Examination Services

Paramedical examinations are mobile pre-insurance examination services, including blood and urine specimen collections and assist clients to complete their health questionnaires.

In-Clinic Examination Services

We work with over 300 panel clinics all over Malaysia to assist clients with all insurance medical examination requirements to ensure clients have a seamless minimal stress experience while satisfying the insurance medical requirements.

Industry Experiences

For the past 19 years, Health On-line has worked with an exclusive panel of clinics, hospitals, medical centers and doctor practitioners to cater to insurance underwriting needs. Through this panel, we are able to provide various specialized in-clinic services for insurance clients, particularly for high valued and VIP clients.

Historically, clients often have to move from one clinic to another and have to endure long waiting periods to complete their comprehensive examinations and further waiting period to collect their medical reports. At Health On-line, we take away the hassles of all of the above and provide a complete and timely report to underwriters! Hence, we help reduce the delays in clients enjoying the benefits of insurance cover.

We are continuously striving for improvements and working hard to expand our exclusive panel medical network to provide quality and convenience to our clients. Through our quality monitoring “clinic credentialing” process, we ensure that we deliver consistent quality services at all times throughout the nation.

We are committed to providing clients’ with quality and convenient services through our strong partnership with over 300 Panel Clinics and Paramedic Team serving all locations nationwide!

Paramedical Examination Services

Our examiners are highly qualified and experienced nurses and paramedics who will travel to the client’s home or office to perform medical examinations based on specific requirements from insurance companies. 


Services conducted by Paramedics

Paramedical Examination

Blood and Urine Specimen Collections

Resting ECG

Attending Physician Statement

Questionnaires by Proposed Insured

In-Clinic Examination Services

Our panel clinics are experienced doctors trained in pre-insurance medical examinations. Over the years we have built a close professional relationship with these clinics. With mutual respect and the understanding of pre-insurance requirements, our doctors are able to expedite accurate medical reports to us in a timely manner.

We also work closely with major laboratory specialists to ensure all laboratory tests are completed for submission to underwriting for fast and accurate medical risk evaluation!

General Physician Examination

Specialist Examination

Blood and Urine Specimen Collections

Resting ECG

Treadmill/Stress ECG

Chest X-ray

ABOUT Health On-line

Health On-line is a leading provider of mobile and outsourcing healthcare services for the insurance and corporate markets. Founded in 1999, we provide a full range of medical risk evidence and healthcare services, including mobile medical examinations, APS and administrative outsourcing solutions for insurers and corporate clients.

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