Fugee School

Fugee School's mission is to support refugee education and over 600 students have benefited from their program


Doctor On-Line and Fugee School are teaming up to conduct complimentary sessions to provide comprehensive health information to both students (primary and secondary) and teachers of Fugee School, a school for refugees. The initiative aims to educate the school community on essential aspects of maintaining overall well-being and raise awareness about healthy lifestyle choices.

As part of this collaboration, Doctor On-Line is offering free medical consultation to the community, ensuring that students, teachers, and their families have access to professional health advice and care without any cost. This initiative underscores Doctor On-Line's commitment to making healthcare accessible to all, particularly vulnerable and underserved populations.

This collaboration will not only benefit Fugee School by promoting student and staff health, but will also provide valuable experience and insights for Doctor On-Line, allowing them to tailor their services to better meet the needs of refugee communities. Doctor On-Line is committed to returning for additional sessions, fostering a long-term partnership focused on promoting health and wellness at Fugee School.